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GPU Instancer version 0.9.7

Version 0.9 is here. Includes Tree Manager with SpeedTree support, Billboard Generator, HDRP and LWRP support, new Runtime Settings and much more.

– Out of the box solution for complex GPU Instancing.
– VR compatible. Works with both single pass and multipass rendering modes.
– Mobile compatible. Works with both iOS and Android.
– Easy to use interface.
– Tens of thousands of objects rendered lightning fast in a single draw call.
– GPU frustum culling.
– GPU occlusion culling (non-VR platforms only).
– Automatically configured custom shader support.
– Supports HDRP and LWRP render pipelines.
– Complex hierarchies of prefabs instanced with a single click.
– Multiple sub-meshes support.
– LOD Groups and cross-fading support (with animation or fade transition width).
– Automatic 2D Billboard generation system (auto-added as last LOD).
– Shadows casting and receiving support for instances (frustum culled instances still can cast shadows).
– Ability to use custom shadow distance per prototype and to choose the LOD to render shadows with.
– Unity 5.6 support.
– Well documented API for procedural scenes and runtime modifications (examples included).
– Ability to Remove instances inside bounds or colliders at runtime.
– Ability to extend with custom Compute Shaders.
– Example scenes that showcase GPU Instancer capabilities.


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