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Space Journey v1.1

Space Journey contains everything that you could imagine to create cutting edge Space Game. Starting with beautiful art, through animations, space effects and finally ending with some really useful plugins!

What’s inside?
▲ 5 spaceships – with advanced spaceship controller plugin, engine plasma plugin, custom crosshair plugin & space ship sparks/dust following script
▲ 22 Unique Animated Planets – with custom made animations including moons & asteroid particles
▲ 23 Unique Sci-Fi Models – perfect for large-scale background objects, breathtaking structures that will make your scene feel alive.
▲ 16 asteroid meshes & 9 asteroid volumes – with custom-made shapes (volumes) for animating unique flow of asteroids
▲ 5 unique plugins – including glitch post process effect, Custom Crosshair Script, custom spacebox shader, color suite post-process effect
▲ 20 example scenes – divided into three sections:
Cutscenes with pre-made animations,
Showcase of all elements
Level maps
that let you start your adventure in beautiful space.
▲ 8 custom made light flares, light shafts & more effects.

Over 50% of the whole production time we dedicated to this asset was wisely spent on the design process. Atmosphere, colors, consistency of the graphic art, movement, light, shapes – all of these elements were of the most importance to us.

Technical aspects
Each element has been carefully crafted with in-game use optimization in mind.

Everything has been optimized for games triangles, textures, UV maps atlases etc. This asset will work easily with mobiles & PCs, but keep in mind that while creating example Scenes in Unity we were focusing mostly on standalone version. That’s because we were using Post-Process Image Effects, Real Time Shadows & a lot of particles.

Unity information
This asset was fully created in Unity engine. All elements are combined with latest standard shader, Shuriken particle system, Animator for animations & each element is packed into prefab, so you can just drag’n’drop the element with spaceship controller and start flying in a beautiful environment.

• Quickly create good looking space environments
• Constant updates and new features
• Active development & support
• Clean unique modern styles
• Easy to use for beginners and an advanced tool for professionals


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