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Conifer Forest Collection

  • A collection of trees, textures, rocks and foliage for conifer forests environments.

High quality realistic assets: All textures are handcrafted from actual high quality nature photos.

For an in-detail description visit our thread in the Unity Forums.

Inventory Scene
Forest Scene

Trees: 35 prefabs! Compatible with unity terrain! 7 different types of trees and 5 models for each type of tree. Each leaf type can be combined with each model to create hundreds of unique trees.

Ground Textures: 11 high quality textures in 2k resolution for maximum realism! Included are textures for dirt, grass, moss, needles, rock and sand.

Rocks: 4 rock models in 5 variations, a total of 20 rock prefabs is included.

Foliage: 2 foliage models included, 10 prefabs of different plants and grasses are prepared. In addition 20 billboard textures for grass and plants are included.

Shaders: 4 custom tri-planar texturing shaders included! Apply any texture to the included rock models, or your own models, and it fits – no UV mapping required.

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