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Third Person Cover Controller v1.4

You want your character to walk, run, jump, fight, sneak, take cover and do all those things with or without weapons? We got you covered.

⚡A good controller is super important for your game, but enemies are equally important, that why we created Advance AI that fights and acts believably for your game!

⚡Inspired by combat in games like Mass effect, Division, Ghost Recon Online, we made an asset to help unity developers to make those kinds of combat systems full with believable enemies without spending months prototyping gameplay in C# and thousands of dollars for animations.

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⚡Patch 1.4 Smart AI just got a lot smarter.
AI can call back up or police
AI can be fighter or civilian
Smart AI spawn system
Sniper rifle or pistol with zoom
Climb tall covers
Night scene with AI Investigation mode
Low visibility “grass” zone to hide in
And many more improvements

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